Driveway Grading & Excavating

Driveway Grading

Driveway grading and excavation are common types of methods many homeowners decide to use. It ensures that a driveway is level and even. Typically, driveways require attention one to two times each year. The main purpose of grading is to prevent any water from pooling up throughout your driveway. With Michigan’s unpredictable weather, pools of water are problematic in gravel driveways. It is not only difficult to navigate, but this can also cause additional drainage issues near your house and on your property. In order to alleviate low-lying areas in the driveway, the desired gravel must be poured and spread out evenly.

Driveway restorations often require special equipment for the job. It is nearly impossible to achieve a good outcome by hand. The grade must be even throughout all areas, which a machine can do faster and more consistently.


Full Throttle Contracting specializes in superior driveway grading and restoration services. Our team of driveway experts leave your driveway with the proper slope, and distribute the gravel evenly. We will use the proper machinery and tools to ensure a long-lasting driveway that will satisfy your outdoor needs! Contact us today for all your driveway grading and excavation services!


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